Ryan Gosling’s Oscar Performance of BARBIE’s ‘I’m Just Ken’ Gets a LEGO Upgrade

Now that the 96th annual Academy Awards have come and gone, what will people remember about years later? Will it be the Oppenheimer sweep of most of the major categories? Will it be Emma Stone receiving her second Oscar for Poor Things? Maybe. We’re going to bet the thing folks will remember most about the 2024 Oscars, however, is Ryan Gosling’s perfect and hilarious rendition of his nominated song from Barbie, “I’m Just Ken.” That showstopper is what everyone was talking about that night, and the following day. Now, YouTuber LegoME_theOG has recreated the iconic moment, entirely in LEGO. You can watch it in full right here:

So just what made this moment so perfect? Was it Gosling’s commitment to maintaining the “Kenergy?” Was it the involvement of the other major Kens from Barbie? Was it the perfect homage to Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Well, we think it was a little bit of all of those things combined. Although Ryan Gosling was nominated for his role as Ken, he lost to Robert Downey Jr.’s in Oppenheimer, and somehow still managed to become the most talked about aspect of said event. Ryan Gosling might not have won in his category, but he won the whole night. Isn’t that better?

Ryan Gosling's Oscar performance as Ken in LEGO form.

While we’re sure the now-iconic Oscar moment has got the suits clamoring for more cinematic Ken, we kind of hope this is the victory lap for Gosling as the character. You never want to overdo a good thing. If you enjoyed that LEGO-ized “I’m Just Ken” Oscars moment, the LegoME_theOG YouTube channel has other similarly hilarious recreations. Among them are the recent Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, Stranger Things 4, and even the cliffhanger finale of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. As cool as all of those are though, nothing will ever replace Ken in our hearts.

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