Russian Stuntman Makes Working Transformer Armed with Real Guns

May 23 2017 -- 4:00 AM

The Transformers are toys that really exercise the imagination. Pick up an Autobot or Decepticon, and like magic your mind unfolds with various world-saving scenarios, and your mouth, with machine-mimicking noises. But for one Russian stuntman and father, simply playing with a toy Transformer wasn't enough. He had to build one, and for some reason — an Earth invasion we're unaware of? — he had to arm it with live machine guns.

The father and stuntman (can we call him Father-Man?), Gennadi Kocherga, was inspired to build the real-life Transformer after he witnessed an RC car transform into a robot at a market in Singapore (the transforming toy was either a genuine Transformer or a knock-off). Kocherga, who's interviewed in the video, says that he had been working on plans for taking the toy and turning the concept into a real-life Transformer since the end of last year.


The result is a Lada, a Russian-made vehicle (possibly this one, although it's unclear), morphed into a one-off hatchback that can go from car to imposing, machine gun-firing robo-overlord in about 20 seconds. Above, it's roaming the Russian city of Oryol before an understandably apprehensive audience.


Although Kocherga has dubbed his creation "Optimus Gennadievich Prime," it's probably a bit too jiggly and tentative to be considered for membership on a team of world-defending heroes from Cybertron... Although it does have those machine guns, which may or may not fire live ammunition.

What do you think about this real-life Autobot? Would you take this over that BMW 3 series Transformer? Thoughts, roll out! in the comments below.

Images: YouTube / Ruptly TV; Rderijcke