RUMOR: STAR WARS: EPISODE IX May See Keri Russell Re-Team With J.J. Abrams

Is Keri Russell headed to a galaxy far, far away?

That looks to be the case, according to Variety, who announced this morning that The Americans star is “in early talks” to join the cast of J.J. AbramsStar Wars: Episode IX in an unspecified role. When contacted for confirmation, Lucasfilm said they had no comment on the report. According to the trade, the role calls for “action-heavy fight scenes.” Russell apparently won the part just before the Fourth of July holiday, after Lucasfilm and Disney met with “several actresses.” But let’s be real, the role was probably hers all along, given her long working relationship with Abrams, who created her most famous role in his hit series Felicity. Russell also had an action-packed role in his Mission: Impossible III, and Abrams spoke at her Walk of Fame induction ceremony.

Because of that close relationship, Russell has been flanked with questions about whether or not she’d join the Star Wars cast since Abrams first took the job on The Force Awakens. In 2013, TV Line asked if she’d be interested in joining the franchise with J.J. at the helm, and she joked that she was, “waiting for my call,” adding, “I would do anything for J.J. I would do crafts services if he asked!”

Of course, for now the casting rumor is just that–a rumor. Lucasfilm hasn’t confirmed the news, and Variety hasn’t named an official source for the information. But that won’t stop us from speculating who Russell might play. Will she be a feisty Rebel who helps the Resistance after most of their fleet was destroyed in The Last Jedi? Is she a member of the tyrannical First Order, working for Kylo Ren? Or maybe she’s an escapee of Luke’s Jedi academy, who helps Rey in her journey. The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to learn more!

What about you? Who do you think Russell might play in Star Wars Episode IX? Sound off in the comments below!

Images: FX, Lucasfilm

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