These Marble Rube Goldberg Basketball Trick Shots Are Incredible

One advantage that basketball has over many other sports is that it’s pretty convenient. You don’t need to a ton of equipment or room to play: You can put up a cheap hoop in your driveway, get yourself a ball, and have at it. You can also effectively practice alone: You can’t really play football or baseball by yourself and improve your skills, but it’s easy enough to get some shots up on your basketball hoop and watch yourself get better. Basketball is uncomplicated, but if you want it to be more complicated, than this video is for you (via Digg).

In this video from YouTube channel DoodleChaos, they’ve set up a bunch of mini Rube Goldberg machines, filled with a bunch of chain reactions involving wooden blocks, levers, balls, string, and other implements to fulfill the ultimate goal of getting the orange ball into the “hoop” (a semicircle made of magnetic balls). Things start off pretty simply, with “shots” involving just a lever or two, but naturally, the tricks get more complicated towards the end, with a ton of moving pieces and larger, more complex setups that ultimately put the ball in the hoop. It’s also a bit of an ASMR experience: Just hearing the balls and other things roll around on the table with no background music is pretty soothing.

Are you impressed? What other sports (or even non-sports things) would be cool to see emulated in this format? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Featured image: DoodleChaos/YouTube

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