RPG Players: Never Leave Home Without This Adventurer’s Kit

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Let’s say you’re the kind of person who has a minor panic attack when packing for RPG night at your local gaming store or DM’s house, simply because of the overwhelming number of things you’ve got to tote along. Tossing your character sheets, dice, minis, and books into a bag seems like a perfectly serviceable option, but we all recognize it’s not ideal. Putting that stuff in a bag, purse, or backpack has sometimes lead to characters dying before they’ve ever hit the table (thanks to the disintegrating properties of paper), or dice disappearing (they didn’t tell you about the alternate dimension portal when you first got the bag.) Worse still is when you’re digging into the depths of bag trying to find that character model, a pencil or spell card, and it’s not there. 

Tabletop Artisans have created a fantastic carrying case to prevent such situations. Their Adventurer’s Kit (currently on Kickstarter) is perfect for those of us who carry around our RPG supplies. It’s incredibly organized, so if you’re missing something, it’s immediately evident. No more gaming without your mini, or realizing you left your D4 at your DM’s house (on their floor) when you get home. (They won’t be happy with you when they discover it.)

Let’s start with the basics: the case itself is super stylish. There are a variety of textured exteriors in several colors. From a more practical standpoint, the modular interior has space for everything. Each compartment includes space for spell cards (as well as card holders allowing you to ready your spells within them during play), dice (including a favorite dice compartment, so you’ll never need to dig around for that lucky D10), miniatures (in a fur-lined compartment to protect them, which can optionally be replaced with miniature foam), and a compartment for pencils and pens. The box also comes with a character sheet holder that is magnetic so you can stand your character sheet up using the included brackets and a pencil sharpener.

If you’re electronics inclined, the basic case includes a portable charger and additional brackets so you can hold your phone, tablet or laptop up. Because the case lid is lined with felt, it also doubles up as a dice tray, meaning you won’t be scattering dice across the table and floor.

There is, of course, space for all the books you need to play, as well as foam to fill the space to ensure things stay where you put them. With everything packed and organized, you will never be caught off guard in the situation where an impromptu D&D game may occur (yes, it happens sometimes.)

Tabletop Artisans’ Adventurer’s Kit Kickstarter has blown past its initial goal of $5K with its current funding over $40K. Clearly, we’re not the only ones who are taken by the kit’s aesthetics and functionality. If you want to get your hands on one, you have until May 22.

Image Credits: Tabletop Artisans

This post is sponsored by Tabletop Artisans.

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