ROGUE ONE Star Diego Luna Has a Jabba the Hutt Obsession

As kids, each of us has obsessed about some piece of strange minutiae about a movie or TV show or comic, in some way that makes other people around us give us weird looks. For me, I couldn’t understand why the characters on popular ’80s sitcoms never once mentioned their own Saturday morning cartoon adventures. Seriously, when was Fonzie from Happy Days going to mention that he and Richie time-traveled together on spaceship with a girl named Cupcake, and when was Punky Brewster going to call on her magical “leprechaun gopher” friend Glomer to help her out on the live-action show? These glaring inconsistencies made me angry. (I was a weird kid, okay?)

Apparently, also once a weird kid was Rogue One actor Diego Luna, who at a young age seemingly got fixated on one part of Star Wars more than any other, and he’s been carrying this obsession in his heart his whole life. While on the press junket/publicity tour for Rogue One, Luna mentioned several times how much he has been wanting to “touch Jabba the Hutt“, and feel the texture of Jabba’s slimy skin beneath his fingertips. At one point, Luna was asked by a reporter whether he’d rather “make out with Jabba or punch an Ewok.” I don’t think I need to tell you how Luna responded, although you can see for yourself in the video compilation below (via Vulture).

Despite all the Star Wars Easter eggs and references in Rogue One, an appearance by Jabba was not one of them, so Luna’s wish did not come true. But Disney, you still have the power to make this right. After all, the Han Solo stand alone movie is shooting soon, and that movie has got to feature Jabba the Hutt in it, right? I mean, Han Solo worked for the guy after all. And this movie will take place some years before A New Hope, so why not have Diego Luna’s character Cassian Andor make a cameo somewhere in Jabba’s palace? Make Diego Luna’s dream come true, Lucasfilm–let him finally touch Jabba.

Did you also have a weird fixation on wanting to feel the slimy skin of Jabba the Hutt beneath your fingertips, or were you just grossed out like the rest of us? Let us know down below in the comments!

Images: Lucasfilm

Speaking of easter eggs in Rogue One…

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