ROGUE ONE Collection at Hot Topic Means You Can Steal STAR WARS Fashion Plans

I am a Rebel through and through, but I often have to admit the Empire is more stylish than the ragtag resistance. Hot Topic is helping fix that issue with their new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story fashion collection. It’s inspired by costumes from the upcoming Star Wars film and mostly centers on all things Rebel Alliance.

They have a Jyn Erso cropped jacket that’s practical and captures the character’s Jedha look. The cropped style means it won’t impede any running or hand-to-hand combat scenarios. The hood is detachable thanks to a hidden zipper, but when you have it attached, you can style it as only a hood or go for the hood and scarf combo. The inside is printed with the Death Star plans—hey, you’ll never forget where you put them. I can see this jacket pairing well with jeans or leggings and boots of any height.

Though several items in the collection are about Jyn—as they damn well should be!—with with a mesh insert fashion top, a hooded cardigan, and that spot-on jacket, Cassian gets the spotlight as well. You can see a military jacket modeled on the one Cassian wears in the below image. The back features Rebel Alliance logo and X-wings.

View the complete collection with more Jyn, Cassian, and Death Trooper fashion in the gallery below. If you’re in the mood to shop or to share links with people asking for your holiday wish list, jump on over to Hot Topic’s website. Remember, they don’t take Republic credits and your Jedi mind tricks probably won’t work on the shopping cart.

I think the only thing missing from the collection is a Krennic-inspired cape. Head to the comments and tell me which item(s) from the collection you like the most.

Images: Hot Topic

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