You Can’t Take the Sky from RockLove’s FIREFLY Jewelry Collection (Exclusive)

Can jewelry aim to misbehave? If so, RockLove‘s new Firefly collection is up for the challenge. Available only from ThinkGeek, the line of accessories nods to a couple of moments fans of the Joss Whedon television series, as well as a couple of takes on the accompanying film Serenity. We’re excited to share an exclusive look at the collection with you.

Since RockLove’s Allison Cimino has been a fan of Firefly since 2004, it’s no surprise she knew just what to design. Cimino says, “Firefly has always been my dream license and finally the ‘Verse has aligned. In exclusive partnership with our friends at ThinkGeek, we hope you love the jewelry more than Colonel Obrin loved his lip ferret.” Now that’s love.One of the stars of the collection is a sterling silver Serenity with citrine. She looks like she could carry you far and true.

These dinosaur earrings capture the joy of the hilarious scene in which Wash acted out an intense battle with toy dinos, like you do. I once reenacted that entire scene at a Firefly-themed birthday party I had; there may have been alcohol involved. Anyway. Earrings:

Don’t let any power in the ‘verse keep you away from viewing the entire collection. You can see additional items in the gallery below, so fly on down. When you’re ready to stop gazing and start buying or adding pieces to your wish list, visit ThinkGeek.

And keep in mind, this is only the beginning for Firefly jewelry options from RockLove. Cimino tells Nerdist, “I do have more jewelry designs in mind, with a few prototypes already sculpted, though I didn’t want to overload fans with too many options. For this first round, I chose to explore the most beloved imagery and sentiments of Firefly.”

Which of the items in the Firefly collection will be finding a home in your jewelry box? Share your favorites in the comments.

Images: ThinkGeek and RockLove

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