Two-Legged Robot Gets Its Very Own STAR WARS AT-ST Costume

We’ve seen some incredible robot-inspired costumes over the years, like those kids who turned into Transformers and a puppy named Ripley who got her own power loading suit from Aliens. We’ve even seen great costumes for robots, like when Boston Dynamics dressed their robo-dogs as reindeer. But we’re not sure we’ve ever seen a robot get turned into another, more famous machine before, not until we came across this amazing ensemble that turned an already impressive bipedal machine into an AT-ST from Star Wars.This fantastic bit of robot cosplay, that we first saw at CNET, comes from Oregon State University’s Dynamic Robotics Lab. They took their experimental two-legged Cassie, who one day “may be used to deliver packages, assist the elderly, or help emergency personnel respond to dangerous situations,” and built her the costume she was born…err, created…to wear. She already resembles an AT-ST, the kind that attacked the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi, so they went ahead and completed the look. It was such a success they made her a video with some special effects.

We said the DMV worker who dressed like the sloth from Zootopia won Halloween this year, but clearly Cassie at least tied him, because this costume is just as perfect.
Can we just make this Cassie’s permanent look? Yes, we know that her true purpose one day of helping old people means it might not be a good idea to dress her up as one of the Empire’s killing machines, but we’re not worried about it. You can easily stop an AT-ST with some rocks and tree logs.What other famous machine should Cassie dress up as next year? Imperial march into our comments below with your best ideas.

Featured Image: Oregon State University

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