RIVERDALE Actress’ Life as Undercover Agent Becomes TV Series

Truth is stranger than fiction, right? Well, in this instance, that cliché is true. You may know actress Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge on The CW’s Riverdale. Turns out the role as Veronica’s loving (yet shady) mom is actually nothing compared to her own real life story. These past six years—since before Riverdale—she’s been hunting child sex predators as an undercover operative. Nichols revealed her story to Marie Claire in a recent interview. Now, according to Deadline, Sony Television is developing her story to become the basis for an upcoming series.

Marisol Nichols has been working undercover with agents from the FBI, Operation Underground Railroad, and local law enforcement to serve as the “bait” for sting operations. These operations take place both domestically and internationally. For the purposes of these sting operations, Nichols played the role of a parent trying to sell their child to sex trafficker. Occasionally, she also performs the role of the minor.

Marisol Nichols in Riverdale

The CW

After working on shows for years like CSI and Law & Order: SVU, Nichols’ TV acting career began to slow down around 2012. So when this opportunity presented itself, she volunteered to help out. Yes, volunteered. In 2016, she got the part on Riverdale and her career took off again. So she had to work long hours on TV and moonlight as an undercover asset. This sounds a bit like Alias, only even wilder. No matter which network or streamer the show calls home, we are already hooked on the story!

Even better, not only will Nichols likely be an executive producer on the series, but she will also probably star in the show. We are here for this story about someone who’s using their Hollywood privilege for good and to save lives.

Featured Image: The CW

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