Rifts Meets Savage Worlds For Epic Game Crossover

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Enchanting Witches alongside armor-plated Cyber-Knights! Barbaric Juicers standing next to cannon-packing Glitter Boys! Crossovers are intrinsic to Rifts. And when characters from a wide swath of genres are pitted against each-other for decades, there should be no question about their players being down for Rifts itself to make a “crossover.”

Pinnacle’s Kickstarter for a port of Rifts to the Savage Worlds system has already surpassed its initial goal by an astronomical margin. Given the huge interest, it’s a sure bet the game’s Megaverse will stretch to even further reaches by the time its campaign ties off. As this trailer shows, the Tomorrow Legion of “Savage Rifts” will be stocked with every single character type a player could possibly conceive.

One aim of this fusion is to make the famously complex Rifts games accessible to new players through Savage Worlds‘ emphasis on ease-of-play. Indeed, the latest stretch goals have revolved around One-Sheets, which tidily collect all the info that parties need for further adventures onto a single sheets of paper. However, while these One-Sheets are tailored to players’ specific skill levels, total neophytes do need to have the core rulebook handy. This is still the Megaverse, after all.

If Rifts‘ hook has always been about throwing everything and the kitchen sink into one game, its Kickstarter likewise feels like an endless smorgasbord. The stretch goals have unlocked a startling succession of additional maps, character sheets, and manuals; and there are even add-ons on top of all that which put the Savage Rifts mark on die, folios, bennies, tees, and messenger bags. If it relates to gaming in any way, it’s in the campaign, basically. What else could you want from an RPG, or its Kickstarter?

Do long-time Rifts players approve of this conversion? If you were previously intimidated by the game’s complexity, would Savage Worlds unlock it for you? Hit the talkback.   

Featured Image Credit: Pinnacle Entertainment Group

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