RiffTrax Turning STRANGER THINGS’ Premiere Upside Down

Stranger Things has broken through the overcrowded modern TV landscape and become a cultural phenomenon because it’s really freaking great. Netflix‘s horror homage to the ’80s is far too good for The Mads to ever drive someone (or some robots) insane by forcing them to watch it. But just because it doesn’t qualify as a good option for Mystery Science Theater 3000 doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for making fun of. And that’s what’s going to happen when RiffTrax Live turns Stranger Things’ first episode upside down.

Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, and “Barb” are taking on the Duffer Brothers pilot with RiffTrax Live: Stranger Things. The episode will simulcast, for free, at Scener on July 22 at 8:30pm ET. To tune in you have to download the free Scener Chrome extension. Then use your Netflix account (which you must have) and the extension to “automatically sync up and join the theater.” You’ll get to hear the guys’ “signature brand of hilarious commentary, and chat with them, as you watch.”

Obviously neither show, let alone a combination of both, requires a hard sell. But the official teaser and description have us ready to pop some waffles in our toaster to head back to Hawkins, Indiana for what promises to be a more lighthearted affair than what normally goes on there.

“Flying in the face of Die Hard Law, Stranger Things is NOT a sequel to a show called Strange Things. It is, however, a sequel to just about everything else that came out in the 80s. And this is the episode where it all started, ‘it’ meaning America’s vague awareness that there was a kid out there named ‘Finn Wolfhard.’

Stranger Things gave us many exciting cultural touchstones such as The Upside Down, spelling words with Christmas lights, and a newfound appreciation for Eggo waffles. None of them will be appearing in this episode. But there is plenty of that guy from the commercial for those things you’re not supposed to eat! (Burger King’s Chicken Fries)”

Uh, talk about burying the lede. The teaser promises a Joe Don Baker reference. That’s all we ever need to make us tune in.

Poster for RiffTrax Live: Stranger Things.Rifftrax

Make sure to sign up for an RSVP to get a reminder an hour before the event airs. We already have.

We love Stranger Things. And while it’s too good for The Mads, it’s perfect for RiffTrax Live.

Featured Image: RiffTrax

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