Ride Into Nerfhalla With the NERF Battle Racer

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Behold! Stroller and toy manufacturer Hauck has released the NERF Battle Racer, the war chariot for all your NERF battle needs. This pedal powered cart can mount two blasters on the front with a spot for spare ammo between them. But why stop with just two guns? This bad boy can store two more blasters in a holder behind the seat.

You drive the cart by pedaling and use a hand brake to stop, which totally allows the cart to drift. To drift! I’d probably drift myself right off a cliff or roll the darn thing, but it would be glorious. Unfortunately, I don’t have $250+ to drop on it (plus the fact that it’s designed for 4-10 year-olds). Is it a crime to shove a kid off a take it for a spin? I’d return it. Probably. (My editors say that yes, it is in fact a crime. So never mind.)



Is this real life? Have I died and gone to Nerfhalla? Am I seriously living in a world where such a glorious machine of foam-dart flying madness is a reality? More importantly, can I fit my adult sized butt into a kart that’s clearly designed for children?

Hasbro may not be designing for 30 year-old me, but the company has definitely started opening its mind as to who it wants to buy NERF products. When it launched its Rebelle line of Nerf archery toys aimed at girls, the products sold amazingly well. After its 2013 debut, it became the third-largest U.S. toy property behind Disney’s Frozen products and Mattel’s Barbie. Once they hooked the female demographic with Rebelle (and probably some influence from Katniss Everdeen), young women were exposed to the NERF brand and wanted more.

The target audience Hasbro wants to capture now are teen boys. Research found that boys are putting down toys in exchange for tech as early as 10 years-old. Team-based gaming wasn’t appealing because foam darts are not very accurate, especially at a distance. As a sniper-style player myself, I concur that accuracy is everything. So what Hasbro is doing now is toeing the line between foam and paintball with its Rival line.

At slower speeds, gravity kicks in, drawing the dart downward before it can travel very far. So even with a rifle, there is only a limited distance between you and your target from which you can fire before the shot ends up going low. The Rival blasters fire 1-inch thick foam balls, instead of darts, at speeds of up to 70 MPH. This makes the Rival blaster not just harder hitting, but more accurate at longer distances. You’re supposed to wear protective masks when playing with Rival blasters if that says anything. The goal is to create a more mature experience without scaring parents away by being too dangerous. I don’t care. I still want one.

Now witness me ride into Nerfhalla!

While Courtney drifts herself into a tree and ascends to Nerfhalla, tell us what you think about the NERF Battle Racer and Rival line in the comments!

Image credits: Hauck Toys, Hasbro

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