RICK AND MORTY’s Composer Explains a Musical Easter Egg

Last weekend, Rick and Morty‘s third season officially got underway as one of our favorite sci-fi comedies unleashed a new round of mayhem and insanity. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we love everything about the show, including the writing, the acting, the animation, and the wild ideas. With so much happening in every episode, it is easy to overlook the role that music also plays in the show. Now, the man behind the music, Rick and Morty‘s composer, is getting the spotlight in the most Rick and Morty way possible! [mpx_video type=”editorial” guid=”b2ae5d96e829d54a6ca1d26adc5d4063dacbbd5c”] Composer Ryan Elder is the subject of the latest episode of Great Big Story. Series co-creator Dan Harmon cameos in the video as he gives Elder seemingly impossible music assignments that are straight from the show. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the video is that multiple Ryan Elders from across the multiverse start popping up in the background. It’s not quite the Council of Ricks, but it is an amusing part of the way that Elder explains his approach to the show’s music.

In the video, Elder briefly spoke about the fact that the Rick and Morty theme was actually created for another TV series and was only used as a temp track before it was chosen for this show. Elder also demonstrated his backup vocals for “Goodbye Moonmen,” the very David Bowie-like song that was memorably used in the second season of the show. What did you think about Ryan Elder’s musical profile? Sing us a song and “show us what you got” in the comment section below! For more Rick and Morty check out  how Pickle Rick trolled us all, the  science behind Rick’s cockroach brain control, and decide for yourself  who is the better Rick: Pickle Rick or Tiny Rick.

Image: Adult Swim

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