This A Capella Version of the RICK AND MORTY Theme is Totally Squanched

There are so many things about Rick and Morty to love: The diverse interdimensional settings, the deep cast, the sci-fi tech, and perhaps the most underrated aspect of the show: the theme song. As a theme song, it serves its purpose tremendously well: It captures the vibe and lets you know what kind of program you’re getting into, and it’s memorable. You’ve definitely found yourself humming it before. Now, there’s an a capella version of the song, which further proves just how hummable it really is ( via Tastefully Offensive).

Los Angeles-based comedy group The Warp Zone, using an arrangement by Alex Walker Smith, use five people to record the track, and of course they’re all in character, as Rick, Morty, Birdperson, Mr. Meeseeks, and Unity (or rather, as the primary physical form of Unity we see in the episode, since Unity itself is a singularity whose one consciousness transcends more than one flesh-and-bone body, duh). As for the recording itself, it works like a charm. There’s a lot of “bum-bums” for the lower parts and whistling for the higher pitched instrumentation, all of which is completely recognizable as being from the theme song. An effective cover should be a tribute to the original while differentiating itself, and that’s just what this a capella rendition does.

Check out the theme song above, and let us know in the comments if this is your new favorite Rick and Morty musical moment; Sorry, The Warp Zone, but we doubt it, only because “Get Schwifty” is a hit.

Featured image: The Warp Zone/Twitter

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