There’s a RICK AND MORTY Merch Truck Touring the Country Shaped Like Rick

Remember that time in Rick and Morty when Morty spontaneously  turned into a car? Now the same thing has happened to Rick but in real life… sort of.

Between May and October, Adult Swim will be driving across the country in the Rickmobile, a Rick-shaped truck that’s perhaps the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen, for the Don’t Even Trip Road Trip. It’s a real “business in the front, party in the back” situation: From the front, the vehicle looks like a typical truck, but looking at it from the back, you’ll see a gigantic hunched over Rick, complete with green drool hanging from his bottom lip.

There’s more to it than aesthetics, though, since the Rickmobile is also a traveling pop-up shop that’s bringing exclusive merch to a bunch of locations. There’s no word yet on what sort of treasures this truck will hold, but we imagine it’ll be the usual suspects: t-shirts, posters, buttons, that sort of thing. We actually can confirm one item, since for a limited time, you can get the official tour shirt online.

You can find the Rickmobile’s complete touring schedule on its website, and you can also follow the truck’s exploits on Twitter and Instagram. What sorts of goodies do you hope to scoop up when (or if) this traveling vehicle of fun comes to your area? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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