RICK AND MORTY Double Album Soundtrack Arrives This Fall

Although Rick and Morty season 4 is in production, it may still be a year or more before the series returns to Adult Swim. But if you’ve ever loved the music of this series, then you’re probably going to enjoy the upcoming Rick and Morty soundtrack which will feature selections from all three seasons.

Adult Swim is teaming up with Sub Pop for the Rick and Morty soundtrack, which will be released as a 26-track double album on CD, a double vinyl LP, digitally, and on cassette. The release date is September 28, but the truly hardcore fans may want to wait until November 23 when the deluxe double LP Rick and Morty soundtrack arrives. That edition will have the LP on colored vinyl in a specially designed box with LED lights and a plexiglass window. The deluxe edition also has a bonus 7-inch single with a single remix of the screaming sun from “The Wedding Squanchers,” as well as a poster, a patch, and a sticker.

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What’s on the album? Of course, Ryan Elder’s Rick and Morty theme will kick things off, and there will be a selection of Elder’s scores from the series. Additionally, fan favorite songs like “Goodbye Moonmen” from “Mortynight Run,” “Get Schwifty” from the episode of the same name, “The Flu Hatin’ Rap” from “Rick Potion #9,” “Summer and Tinkles” from “Total Rickall,” and “The Rick Dance” from “Ricksy Business.”

“Big Trouble in Little Sanchez” is represented by two of Tiny Rick’s songs: “Help Me I’m Gonna Die” and “Let Me Out.” Blonde Redhead’s “For The Damaged Coda” a.k.a. the Evil Morty theme will also be on the album, as will Chaos Chaos’ “Do You Feel It” and Mazzy Star’s “Look On Down From The Bridge.” Season 3 songs “Fathers and Daughters” and “Terryfold” will also be in the mix, in addition to two original songs inspired by the series as written and performed by Chad VanGaalen and Clipping.

Are you excited about the Rick and Morty soundtrack? Get Schwifty with us in the comment section below!

Images: Adult Swim/ Sub Pop

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