New RICK AND MORTY Promo Goes EDM in a Portal Gun Fight

Being a fan of a television show is usually defined by watching the show. That is not the case for those of us who love Rick and Morty. The series takes so much time between seasons that being a loyal viewer is just as much about waiting for new episodes as it is actually enjoying them. Fortunately Adult Swim has learned how to keep us sufficiently satiated so we don’t go “Rick craving Szechuan Sauce” crazy. They keep giving us fun, short promos that don’t reveal anything, but still let us obsess and hope that the footage contains something useful. That includes their latest, an EDM short that reminds us to keep our portal gun close at hand.

Like most of these short promos, this one features a different art style for the characters (this one reminds us of the Run the Jewels Rick and Morty-starring video), which we always enjoy seeing. But are there any cryptic clues about the new season and when it might air? Almost definitely not, especially because we doubt dead Vindicator Crocubot will ever be seen again. But we (probably) have plenty of time before the fourth season premieres, so we’re going to take that fight between Morty and Evil Morty literally!Season four will feature a battle of Mortys! Maybe?Okay, maybe we could use a little bit more from the show during these long hiatuses. At the very least we need more promos.

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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