RICK AND MORTY’s Rickmobile Received the Greatest Ticket Ever

If you haven’t seen Adult Swim‘s totally absurd, totally awesome Rickmobile before you’ve been missing out on one of the greatest vehicles to ever hit the road. This year it has been crisscrossing the country spreading the gospel of the infinite universe’s smartest man and bringing Rick and Morty merchandise to the masses. However, just like Rick himself, it’s not immune to finding itself in some hot water, and fortunately for us that has resulted in it receiving the funniest ticket of all time. The truck, whose backside has a giant, drooling Rick hunched over, recently made its way through the great state of Delaware. Unfortunately it looks like the vehicle failed to pay a highway toll, and it was sent an automated ticket with photographic evidence of the violation.

We’re gonna go out on the world’s shortest limb to say it will be nearly impossible for Adult Swim to fight this in court.

Put that on my tombstone.The good news for the Rickmobile is unlike Rick’s last run-in with the government, which ended with him fighting the President on the White House lawn, the state of Delaware isn’t too upset about the whole thing.

The Rickmobile still has a few more stops to make this month in the southern United States, so it’s good this wasn’t the type of disaster that usually accompanies Rick anywhere he goes. But the truck’s driver should feel free to skip a few more tolls on the way if it means more tickets like this.What other famous logo trucks would be funny to see get a ticket like this? Name the most hilarious possibilities in the comments below.

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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