See How RICK AND MORTY Props Are Made

When we think of props we think of tangible items an actor holds or wears. However, animated shows have props, too. Even though they exist in a 2D cartoon world, someone still has to design items that look interesting and authentic. That’s a lot of fun when you have to create objects for an infinite numbers of universes and planets, like Rick and Morty‘s prop designers get to do. But in this new behind-the-scenes video from Adult Swim the show’s creators explain why sometimes the hardest props to render aren’t out of this world at all.

Because a dessert is not a piece of cake to make when it blows up.

In this new making-of video, Rick and Morty‘s artists explain the process they go through to create the many props we see on the show. That includes big items like Rick’s homemade spaceship or something as simple as a magazine. The entire design endeavor also includes getting lots of notes from show’s co-creator Justin Roiland. Sometimes things come together quickly, like with the absurd plumbus (which is partially based on Jeff Goldblum’s insect back hair in The Fly). Other times the prop teams need to make many models of the same gun to get one approved.

And it’s usually the most complicated one to draw.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at Making RICK AND MORTY's Props_1Adult Swim

But despite making totally original creations, including lots of spaceships, the biggest challenge for Rick and Morty‘s prop team is creating items we’re all familiar with. Lead prop designer Brent Noll says that exploding cakes or clothes being folded pose the biggest challenges.

The good news for him is that Rick and Morty basically wear the same thing every day. There’s not as much laundry to do in the Smith household. Unfortunately, things tend to explode when Rick’s around. A lot.

And when the old props are always blowing up you need to replace them with new ones. We just never would have guessed an alien’s gun would be easier to make than an animated wedding cake. It’s such an easy prop to make in the real world.

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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