RICK AND MORTY Pickle Rick Fan Art Is a Big Dill

Pickles have become so much more than the perfect snack (I will fight you on this) this week thanks to Rick and Morty. A recent episode of the series featured Pickle Rick, which is exactly as it sounds: Rick turned himself into a pickle. His tactic to evade therapy wasn’t his brightest move ever, and Scott focuses on that in his review of the gag. But right now, we’re going to highlight how Pickle Rick has infiltrated pop culture with a look at some of the fan art that’s popped onto the web.

Imagine we’re putting these pieces of fan art in a bottle of delicious brine to preserve forever. And actually, some of this art is forever–like this Pickle Rick tattoo inked by tattooist James Mullin.

No, it’s not the only Pickle Rick tattoo I’ve seen.

Heather, a.k.a. thirtyARTsix, captured so many shades of Pickle Rick in her art.

Pickle Rick fits right in with the other pickles in this piece by Bella Pissanetzsky.

Pickle Rick embroidery by Sam Smith:

PICKLE RICK! #localokc #embroidery #okcart #picklerick #rickandmorty 25$

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Pickle Rick meets Minecraft by Anthony R.


I’m a tiny bit frightened by this 3D model of Pickle Rick by Wil Hughes.

Pickle Rick is made to be a plush, right? AFCrafts thinks so.

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An extra cute take on the pickle by sjhamart.


Would like a little Pickle Rick in your latte? Instagrammer lintalvi has your back.

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Now I want a dill-infused cappuccino.

Have you made any Rick and Morty fan art? Share a link in the comments or show it to us on Twitter: @nerdist.

Featured Image: lintalvi

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