RICK AND MORTY Animated a “Pickle Rick” Blooper

Cartoons aren’t exactly a great source for bloopers. Animation takes enough time and effort without also drawing a bunch of extra scenes every time a voice actor makes a mistake. But  Rick and Morty is not your typical cartoon, and has gifted us with this absolutely hilarious animation of one day at work when voice actor  Justin Roiland could not stop laughing while recording a ridiculous moment from the episode “ Pickle Rick.”This (NSFW language) blooper from Adult Swim animates Roiland continuously breaking during Rick’s explanation to his family about how and why he turned himself into a pickle. Every time Roiland gets to the obviously silly, obviously not sincere line about how Rick “understands Morty’s suspicion” because he has “misled him before,” he loses it. Because everything about this scene was just as wonderfully stupid to the people who created it as it was to fans.

It is a scientific fact that people laughing uncontrollably is the funniest thing in the world, which is why the longer this goes on the better it gets. Everything about this moment on the show really is just so dumb in the best way, and hearing Justin Roiland laugh at it makes it even better.Of course seeing Rick “breaking” might be further evidence that  his darkest secret—the one Dan Harmon said he would never reveal—really is that Rick knows he’s in a cartoon. We hope that’s true if it means getting more animated bloopers, because they are definitely worth the effort.

What are some other cartoon outtakes you love? Share them with us in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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