A Clever RICK AND MORTY Tattoo Uses Green Screen to Make a Real Portal

I’m sure that if you were to do a Google search for Rick And Morty tattoos, you would find a bunch that are pretty darn impressive.

There’s this realistic Rick ink, for example. But now there’s a new Rick And Morty tattoo player entering the arena, and at the very least, it’s the most clever and interactive one yet (via reddit).

Throughout the course of the series, it’s pretty common to see the titular heroes standing in front of a green portal that leads to some wacky dimension, and this tattoo by Roy Rowlett of Mama Tried Tattoo Parlour brings that to life by using the portal as a green screen. Flip through the Instagram post about to see the non-moving version of the tattoo.

Just having a green screen-colored tattoo on your arm might look a bit silly in any other context, but this Rick and Morty design actually makes it so this concept makes sense. It works pretty well in the video above: the portal plays the video for the show’s opening sequence, and it fills in the space perfectly, the edges of the outline are crisp, and it just works. As somebody in the reddit comments noted, this tattoo has the potential to become a lot more interactive for everyday folks when augmented reality technology becomes more commonplace.

Whatever the case, you know it’s good when it gets the stamp of approval from the show itself:

What do you think of this Rick And Morty tattoo? Is it the best one you’ve ever seen? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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