RICK AND MORTY Gets an Amazing Fan-Made Anime Opening Sequence

What if Rick and Morty had been created in Japan? The results might be similar to a newly released fan video that re-imagines Adult Swim‘s signature series as an anime, complete with a J-pop style theme for  the opening credit sequence. French animator Malec and his team of background artists created the video, which features music by  KronoMuzik. While Malec is clearly lampooning the conventions of both anime and Rick and Morty, the result is a very different show than the one Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland conceived. In this corner of the multiverse, Rick and Morty actually seem to have a fairly warm and loving bond. That’s in stark contrast to the recreations of the show’s darker moments, including the time Rick and Morty buried their alternate counterparts in their backyard, and King Jellybean took the show to a very disturbing place.

Honestly? We’d watch the hell out of this anime. It draws upon all three seasons of Rick and Morty, including the third season’s final battle with the Council of Ricks, Morty’s Armothy transformation, Rick’s fight with the President, and of course, Pickle Rick. There are even cameo appearances by Evil Morty and a few of the alien parasites from season 2’s “Total Rickall.” Naturally, the rest of the Smith family is also featured, but we do have to wonder why Jerry wasn’t shown with his infamously bad advertising slogan: “Hungry for Apples?”

If this all seems familiar, it’s probably because Malec has previously given the anime treatment to Game of Thrones. You can find more of Malec’s animated videos on his YouTube channel.

What did you think about Rick and Morty‘s anime makeover? Open a portal to the comment section below!

Image: Malec

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