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Podcasts allow anyone a chance to chat without limits. These new podcasts all have one thing in common, they’re all obsessed with their subject matter. The hosts and guests on these podcasts delve deep into obsessions with a compelling fervor.

Whether it’s comedian Jared Logan passionately describing his love of role-playing games or two of my favorite comedians talking about the ins and outs of their industry, listening to these podcasts make me giddy. Hearing people chat about their obsessions only makes me want to strike out and discover something new with the same endless curiosity. Here are five NEW podcasts that are obsessing over their obsessions.

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

This is the podcast for everyone who is too afraid to talk about murder and death at dinner parties. Comedian/musician Karen Kilgariff and writer/tv personality Georgia Hardstark share and analyze their favorite murder or serial killer stories on My Favorite Murder. Did you want to know the particulars about the assassination of Robert Kennedy or the details about the Los Angeles Freeway killers of the 1970s? Together Kilgariff and Hardstark recount every story in its full glory with a wit and whimsy that’ll have you white-knuckling your headphones. They deal with the horrors in a hilarious way, helping us cope with just how crazy the world is around us.

The Secret Masters with Jared Logan

Comedian Jared Logan wants to break down and dissect all of geekdom on The Secret Masters. Every episode he brings on a different comedian or creative person to chat the things they love or are fascinated with and makes it very funny. When Logan had comedian Kumail Nanjiani on they talked about The X-Files (of course), conspiracy theories, and lizard people. On another episode Logan brought on artist Lisa Hanawalt (BoJack Horseman) to go through the history of talking animals in pop culture (it’s perfect). Logan’s enthusiasm is infectious no matter what the topic. Just wait until you get to the role-playing game episode with actor Thomas Middleditch. Do you want to become a secret master? You will after listening to this podcast.

The Jackie And Laurie Show with Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin

Hearing comedians Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin talk about the craft of stand-up and the entertainment industry is a revelation. Both of these comics have been performing stand-up for twenty years and share all kinds of stories from crappy clubs to crappier men to wonderful sets and up-and-comers that they want you to discover. They also dive deep into the art of their creative process in real time that has me giggling even as the jokes are being born before my very ears. Kashian and Kilmartin’s insights are essential for any comedy fan (or anyone who’s curious about the industry). Check out The Jackie And Laurie Show right now. It’s the best thing you can do with your day.

Two Packs A Week with Geoffrey Golden

I’m obsessed with trading cards so hearing comedian and comedy publisher Geoffrey Golden’s new podcast is like heaven on earth. On Two Packs A Week, Golden and a guest open up two packs of vintage trading cards (Ms. Pacman and Alf are among the first couple picks). They go on to describe their pulls and riff on them endlessly (Has Alf’s alien race, The Melmacians, colonized many worlds?). Golden and the guest eventually hash it out live, trading their cards like I used to do with my friends growing up. Between broken pieces of chewing gum that came with packs then and rad, retro designs, Two Packs A Week is where I’m going every week to get my fix.

How It Got In Your Mouth with Erin Mosbaugh and Katherine Spiers

How It Got In Your Mouth is a food anthropology podcast. This is for all those food geeks who can’t get enough of learning about their favorite food and drinks. Hosts  Erin Mosbaugh and Katherine Spiers (both food journalists) will satiate your culinary historiography with sordid tales of where chicken tikka masala really came from, the rise and fall of tiki drinks, the inventor of the cheeseburger, and more. Every episode they talk about their own preconceived notions on these dishes along with society’s view too. In many ways, they debunk certain myths we’ve come to believe over the years. (Thomas Jefferson did not bring waffles to America!) I’m already hungry. Let’s listen and eat!

What podcasts are you obsessed with right now? Share in the comments below!

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