Return Harmony to the Four Nations with Avatar D&D (Part 2!)

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It’s time for more bending! With the release of our first set of Avatar D&D sheets, everyone seemed really jazzed and ready to start their journey with Aang, but some of you wanted more. Since we love you, we made sheets for some of your other favorite good guys in the Avatar ‘verse! Get ready for some amazing fighters and benders to make your D&D campaigns even better!


Suki is a fan favorite non-bender in the Avatar ‘verse. We first meet Suki on Kyoshi Island and soon learn she is the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, an all-women fighting group created in Avatar Kyoshi’s honor. These warriors are not benders, but are adept fighters trained in a multitude of weapons. Suki favors the fans and a katana while fighting, so we have included these items on her sheet. Since neither weapon appears in the 5e PHB, we’ve given her fans the stats for daggers and the katana rapier stats. Both have the finesse property, allowing Suki to use her dexterity, rather than her strength, to attack. Suki is an intelligent fighter, trained to use her opponent’s moves against them, so we’ve given her the Martial Archetype of a Battle Master. Although we considered making Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors paladins, given their service is in honor of one being, since they are not benders we chose to go with the fighter class instead.


Toph was our most requested character sheet when we released part 1, so there was no way we were letting part 2 slip by without bringing her into the mix. Toph is definitely special among the Avatar characters. Blind since birth, Toph honed her skills as a bender by training alongside badgermoles, creatures who are also blind and use their earth-bending to move around. Given her short stature, love of practical jokes, and ability to be one with the earth, we’ve made Toph a deep gnome. This character class is not typical, only briefly mentioned in the PHB, but deep gnome stats are available in the extended material. One of the benefits of being a deep gnome is the ability to use stone camouflage, aka blend into the stones and rocks around you. We chose to make Toph a druid because of her deep connection with, and understanding of, the earth…and also because we wanted her to turn into an earth elemental. Now, 5e isn’t perfect when it comes to Toph because she is used to breaking the rules. Here we have her stats set up for using her as an earth-bender, but she may require some homebrewing when you want her to metal-bend. Speak with your DM about multiclassing her with a fighter type and waiving the normal druid requirement of not wearing metal armor.


Iroh was also a heavily requested PC and is our last PC for this article. Iroh is a highly versatile character and can be built in many ways. Here we’ve chosen to focus on his amazing fire-bending skills and made him a powerful sorcerer. However, you may want to multiclass Iroh with a level or 2 of bard to represent the moments he has had to sing for his supper as well as his great storytelling. You could also multiclass Iroh as a rogue to represent his membership in the secret Order of the White Lotus. Either multiclass would pair nicely with Iroh’s highly charismatic nature. We’ve chosen to make a sheet for Iroh partway through the Avatar series, so his strength and dexterity aren’t the best yet (remember, he is an older man). However, if your campaign takes you close enough to the day of Sojen’s Comet, you could easily add to these two ability scores as you level up, since Iroh does work on his physique while imprisoned late in the series.

And that’s it! How’d you like part 2 of the series? Shhh…I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I bet there’s going to be a part 3. Comment with your guess on who will show up in that article! We could have lightning benders, take a dip through Legend of Korra, or maybe, just maybe, you’ll all be screaming, “Not my cabbages!” in your next campaign! Until next time…

Character Sheets Created By:  Ailea Merriam-Pigg

Images Credited To:  Nickelodeon Animation Studio

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