RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake Trailer Finally Debuts At E3 2018

coschTwenty years ago, Resident Evil 2 was a breakout hit for the original PlayStation and helped solidify the survival horror genre. Fans have clamored for a remake of the seminal title for years, and it finally surfaced during Sony’s PlayStation 4 presentation ahead of E3 2018. In the first video, the game appears to adopt Resident Evil 4‘s over-the-shoulder perspective as Leon S. Kennedy reports to the Raccoon City Police Department on the day a zombie outbreak has claimed almost everyone.

The trailer features a few callbacks to the original RE2, including the fatally wounded police officer who warns Leon to save himself. This video only offers a brief glimpse of Leon’s co-protagonist, Claire Redfield, but she won’t be left out of the action in the remake.

During the actual presentation, Capcom dropped a longer video that spent the first minute from the perspective of a rat as it desperately attempted to escape a fight between a police officer and one of the zombies. It also offered a better preview of the game and even teased a few of the brutal battles ahead.

The modern graphics have given this game exactly what it needed in terms of visuals. Capcom has also modernized the controls, which should make it considerably easier to play than the original title. The trailer also confirmed that the wait is almost over. The Resident Evil 2 remake will be released on January 25, 2019.

What did you think about the newly updated Resident Evil 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: Capcom

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