RECOIL is the Augmented Reality Laser Tag Game of Your Dreams

Since time immemorial, mankind has had one burning purpose driving each and every innovation, invention, and technological achievement: to make a better laser tag. You might say, “What the hell are you talking about, Dan? Laser tag wasn’t invented until the later 1970s as part of the United States Army’s MILES training system, and later popularized by George Carter III who was inspired by watching Star Wars to create an arena-based version of it as a game!” To you I would simply laugh until you left the room, defeated, because there’s a new challenger in the laser tag arena, one that is redefining where and how you even play the game: Recoil.If you infused the competitive shooter DNA of Call of Duty with the tactile sensation of chasing your friends (and foes) around a sprawling laser tag arena, you would get Recoil. Except now it’s unshackled from the tyranny of weird, dark rooms at your local mall thanks to using state-of-the-art technology. It’s basically laser tag meets video games, using a wifi hub with a range of up to 500 feet to transform any space into a fully immersive battle arena in which you and your pals can square off in combat. To play, you simply need to purchase one of the Recoil starter kits, download the free Recoil app, connect via Bluetooth, and then you’re good to go. With additional power-ups like deployable air strikes, Recoil definitely isn’t your father’s laser tag. Unless you have a really cool dad. Then it might be his too. Because it’s so easy even your dad could play.

To teach you all about how Recoil uses augmented reality to change the way you play laser tag, they enlisted your favorite folks from Nerdist–Jessica Chobot, Kyle Hill, and Dan Casey–to go head to head with our pals at Geek & Sundry–Hector Navarro, Erika Ishii, and Ivan Van Norman–in an epic training video that will melt your brain into a gooey puddle of what used to be gray matter. Either that or it will show you how this innovative new laser tag system turns any location into an immersive, GPS-enabled battlefield.Want to learn more about Recoil? Simply click here and find out how you and your friends can start waging digital war against one another IRL.Editor’s note: This post is sponsored by Recoil.

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