MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE’s Rebecca Ferguson Joins MEN IN BLACK in Leading Role

After her second stint working with Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Rebecca Ferguson is joining another popular movie franchise about a shadow government agency tasked with saving the world from annihilation.

Only this time instead of fighting super secret spies she’ll be battling extraterrestrials, as one of the leads of the new Men in Black movie.

Deadline reports Ferguson has signed on to co-star alongside Chris Hemsworth in Sony’s upcoming relaunch of the sci-fi action comedy franchise, though she will first film her role as the cult leader Rose the Hat in The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep. But Ferguson’s casting as the film’s female lead makes it unclear if she will be playing an MIB agent and what it means for both Hemsworth and fellow co-star Tessa Thompson.

Thompson and Hemsworth have already both been photographed on set wearing the iconic black suits and white shirts of MIB agents. Does this mean Ferguson will also be playing an agent and the team will be a trio instead of a duo? Or does it mean either Thompson or Ferguson could end up being a secret villain?

Or does it mean Hemsworth could actually end up being the film’s secret bad guy (sort of like in Ghostbusters), and the fate of the world will instead rest in the hands of Thompson and Ferguson, a.k.a. the new Women in Black? Uh…

No matter who–or what–Ferguson, Thompson, or Hemsworth plays, at least we know all of them are capable of saving the whole world.

What kind of role do you think Fergsuon will be playing? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Images: Paramount

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