New REAR WINDOW Board Game Brings the Hitchcock Suspense

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Alfred Hitchcock’s classic ’50s thriller Rear Window isn’t the type of film one usually associates with licensed products. We can’t imagine many people want a Jimmy Stewart action figure with binoculars. (Actually, that does kind of sound cool when you think about it). But a Rear Window board game? That makes all the sense in the world. And that’s exactly what’s coming from the folks at Funko Games and Prospero Hall this summer. You can read the official description of the game below, as well as check out the first images.

The new Rear Window board game from Funko Games.
Funko Games

The quintessential nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat Alfred Hitchcock thriller has been transformed into Rear Window Game – coming to a tabletop this summer from Funko Games’ acclaimed design studio Prospero Hall. One player assumes the role of the Director and “Master of Suspense” himself who must communicate using clues and signs (and without ever uttering a word) to help the other players figure out who the murderer is or if there was even a murder.

Cards and game pieces from Funko Games' Rear Window.
Funko Games

This new game finds direct inspiration, of course, in the classic 1950s film style of Hitchcock himself. The Rear Window board game includes the likeness of Hollywood icons Jimmy Stewart (as L.B. “Jeff” Jefferies) and Grace Kelly (as Lisa Carol Fremont). It transports the players into the fabled apartment with all of its curious neighbors. This game is suited for an older audience, ages 13 and up.

Alfred Hitchcock as the director of the Rear Window board game.
Funko Games

Rear Window is a cooperative game that contains all the usual tropes we associate with the tense and suspenseful classics of the late, great Alfred Hitchcock. Hey, maybe this all leads to North by Northwest: The Game, or Psycho: The Game. Although we’re not sure how one would “win” that game. But To Catch a Thief? There’s one just waiting for the board game treatment.

The Rear Window board game arrives in summer, 2022.

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