Realm Round-Up: The Biggest GAME OF THRONES Stories for “The Spoils of War”

Warning: Spoilers are ahead for season seven of Game of Thrones. Stop and catch a dragon out of here if you’re not caught up to “The Spoils of War.”

It’s a busy time in Westeros. With season seven moving along at a speed akin to spreading wildfire, we can barely keep up with analysis, theories, and breakdowns. The roots of Game of Thrones go several seasons deep, and each episode brings new connections. In other words, there’s a lot to dig into and we don’t hold back.“The Spoils of War” featured a ton of elements to ponder upon, so, to help you make sure you caught everything, we’re kicking off Realm Round-Up, a collection of Game of Thrones stories tied to the most recent episode linked in one place. This week it’s about Jaime Lannister, dragons, Valyrian steel, and more.

Remember When. First things first, relive every moment of “The Spoils of War” from the catspaw dagger gift (Littlefinger is the worst at giving presents) to Drogon’s column of flame in Alicia’s recap. With all the details fresh in your mind, we can move forward.

Dragon! The Battle of the Reach (which is a better name for the Loot Train Attack, so it’s what I’m using) would have been far less, well, everything without Drogon. I break down why Drogon was the MVP of the episode right this way. [Image: Tumblr/ Fictional Dreams]

So. Much. Coordination. Speaking of the battle—which is kinda what this episode hinged on—HBO shared a 14 minute video showcasing the massive amount of planning and work that went into making the attack look realistic. Yeah, it was dressed up with visual effects, but the practical aspects blew my damn mind. Watch the video here.

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Blow by Blow. We can’t get enough of the battle, okay? And why would we want to what with all the intensity and burning flesh? Jessica Chobot took a deep dive into the ebb and flow of the fight in Nerdist News.

‘Splodin’ Minds. You’ve refreshed your memory about “The Spoils of War,” now take a deep dive on the latest All Kings Considered. The group goes deep on Daenerys Targaryen‘s bold move, the Stark reunion, and all the things.

Off the Deep End. Jaime Lannister was saved from Drogon’s fire and knocked into an apparently quite deep part of the river. How did it happen when the river seemed shallow? Reddit has an explanation. Learn about it over yonder.

Aww. Bronn fired a bolt into Drogon’s side, and though it didn’t bring Drogon down with any sort of finality (as far as we know), it stung. Actor Jerome Flynn hasn’t been feeling the love since the episode aired. Read more.

Dagger Questions. The dagger that ended up being passed to Arya Stark is made from Valyrian steel and has some sort of important role to play. We saw it featured in a book Sam Tarly was reading earlier in season seven. The open pages of the book may have a clue about why Valyrian steel is so effective against White Walkers—and it’s not just because of being forged in dragon fire. Go deep into Valyrian steel in this post.

Homework Assignments. If you don’t already know, Mike Walsh kills it on the regular with his History of Thrones series. Two columns in particular are relevant after “The Spoils of War.” Go learn more about Aegon’s conquest and what happened when he brought dragons to Westeros and get intel on the Children of the Forest and the White Walkers.

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Where’s Gendry? To close this week’s Realm Round-Up, let’s spin about Gendry. He could finally be coming back this season, and as Chobot theorizes in the above Nerdist News, he might change the whole damn game.

Do you have any lingering thoughts about “The Spoils of War?” Share it all in the comments.

Images: HBO

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