This Realistic Tongue Brush is Supremely Gross

We’re going to admit right off the bat that what we are about to show you is both gross and fascinating. But like a train wreck, we can’t look away. Via Gizmodo, we’ve learned about an an Austrian-based design studio by the name of Multi Awesome Studio. They have created a new tool that is sure to both fascinate and kind of repel you. Say hello to the “Tongue Brush.” And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like it is.

Multi Awesome Studios revealed its new creation in a video that will probably make you squirm a bit while you watch. But it also might also make you want one of your own? Sadly, it doesn’t seem like you can buy one. Yet. You can watch the Tongue Brush in action in the video down below:

Multi Awesome Studios’ official description says: “Imagine a tool as versatile and flexible as a human tongue. Inspired by the incredible creations of Simone Giertz we created the worlds first tongue brush. The most versatile brush ever made. Available nowhere!”

As the demonstration video shows, the brush can be used for a variety of things. Need to baste something? Get ready to have it “lick” your food. Want to create a painting that looks like you licked it into existence? You can do that too. Got to get ride of some dirt on your shoe? Sure, why not. And let’s be honest, it probably has some other uses we’d rather not contemplate right now. Let your imaginations run wild!

Realistic Tongue Brush is Gross, But Fascinating_1

Multi Awesome Studios

The Tongue Brush is made from flexible silicone, and the reason it’s so disturbing is that it really does look like a real human tongue. It probably would just be funny if it looked like a Looney Toons character’s tongue. The funniest things about this is that as highly detailed as the brush is, the handle it’s attached to looks extremely ordinary. Might as well be straight from your local hardware store. Who knows, maybe one day, we will be able to buy it at the hardware store. We live in strange times.

Featured Image: Multi Awesome Studios

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