Realistic Gingerbread VENOM Bust Looks Like it Will Eat You

There are two things I know to be absolutely true. The first is that Venom is not real. He’s a fictional comic book character with no basis in real life. Alien Symbiotes don’t actually exist, so I don’t have to fear them. They will never travel to Earth and consume me nor overtake my body. The second thing I know for sure is that gingerbread is delicious. It’s just an absolutely delight treat. And yet, despite being completely positive on those two indisputable facts, I would not eat this food artist’s hyper-realistic Venom bust made out of gingerbread. I fear it will bite back if I try.

But I sure do like looking at it.

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Caroline D Eriksson of Norway works in a unique medium that is equal parts tasty and terrifying. She makes monsters and other creepy things out of gingerbread, like her incredible xenomorph from Alien we told you about previously. Now her latest (which we first saw at Geeks Are Sexy) is an amazing, “lifelike” bust of Venom’s snarling head with his long nightmarish tongue sticking out. But what’s really amazing about this piece is that the more you focus on the details the more nightmarish it becomes. The veins in Venom’s neck and his giant pointy teeth don’t look remotely like food the closer you get. They look so real the whole thing looks alive.

Venom and his tongue Sony Pictures

Eriksson says her Venom took a “couple of weeks and a gazillion hours” to make. She used what she calls a “clay” gingerbread recipe “which actually allows for sculpting in a more traditional way.” Everything you see here, with the exception of the base, is entirely edible, even the drool. That “spit” is made of isomalt and piping gel. Then the whole bust was airbrushed with edible colors.

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But as incredible as this is, I would never, ever eat it. This is art, and it should be admired for its twisted beauty.

Plus I’m obviously afraid it would try to eat me first. I know enough to know when to be irrationally scared.

Featured Image: Sony Pictures

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