These Realistic Animal Cakes Might Be Hard to Swallow

Please indulge us this understatement: we love cake.

We really love cake. Under normal circumstances we would never turn down a slice… or seven. And yet we have some reservations about taking a bite out of these batch of cakes we recently came across, even though they are expertly made by a master baker and they have all the right ingredients. What’s the problem? They look like real animals, and we’re having trouble getting over the idea of eating a good dog even if he really is a good dessert.

Food Insider shows how Hannah Edwards, known as The Cake Illusionist, bakes, sculpts, and paints her amazing cakes—which are entirely edible—to look like hyperrealistic animals. Even though you can watch her process and see that this is not actually a dog, it’s still weird to watch a knife put through his “head.” (That said, if you’re interested in one of your own, she does take custom orders.)

Those cakes are obviously incredible, but it’s so weird to look at one and think, “Can’t wait to eat a piece of his face!”

And we’re not the only ones. Plenty of people are having the same problem getting over the mental hurdle posed by such a realistic foodstuff.

At least with her dog cakes you don’t have to worry about the cake eating you back… unlike, say, with this wolf variant.

Some are so beautiful it feels wrong to eat them.

But honestly? In the end, we’d eat all of them. To say we love cake too much is an understatement.

Would you have a problem eating one of these? Take a bite out of our comments below and let us know.

Featured Image: FOOD INSIDER

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