Watch an Actual Architect Build a Mansion in MINECRAFT

The beauty of Minecraft is that it’s an absolute sandbox in which you can accomplish just about anything your brain can dream up. Gamers have taken on massive architectural projects in the game, like a realistic Japanese city, the world of The Witcher 3, the area seen in Spirited Away, and many other impressive feats. Minecraft can turn anybody into an architect, but what happens when an actual architect tries building a house in the game? That’s what BuzzFeed decided to test in a new video, and the results are interesting (via Geekologie).

Andrew McClure, a designer who specializes in custom high-end residential design, approached this endeavor as a self-described Minecraft noob, so his hope was that some of the software he uses to design homes for work would have some overlap with the tools available in the game. He was given two hours to build whatever he wanted, and he approached it very much like a real job.

He began by surveying the area, its lighting, and other factors that are important to consider when designing a building IRL. Once he got a lay of the land, he got to work, explaining parts of his process on the way. What resulted from this experiment is a modern, nicely designed house with a focus on light, function, and aesthetic. If anything, this video reinforces the fact that Minecraft is a versatile space and can be used for silly fun or more seriously thought-out projects.

What do you think of this Minecraft house? What’s the best thing you’ve ever built in-game? Let us know down in the comments!

Featured Image: BuzzFeed

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