Cyberpunk Face Mask Lets You Breathe Easy and Show Emotions

As humanity endeavors ever-further on its dark, neon-lit path into a cyberpunk future, standard gear continues to evolve to match the theme. Anyone looking to go full-blown Bladerunner, for example, has a long list of light-up jackets and tactical boots from which to choose. Now, Razer Inc. is adding to the list of dys-utopian gear a next-level N95 face mask. One that looks like something Bane would wear during a jog.

The Verge picked up on Razer’s new face mask, which the Singaporean-American corporation refers to as Project Hazel. Razer gave a moderate-depth look at Project Hazel in a video the company released in January. But only claimed more recently—at this year’s E3 video-game trade event—that it’ll be available in the fourth quarter of 2021.

In the video above, the company’s director of design, Charlie Bolton, gives an overview of the mask and why the company’s making it. Bolton notes now people are “well and truly settled into this ‘new normal,'” they’re looking for masks that are safe, social, and sustainable. Indeed, that last target is hard to hit; a recent scientific report notes that masks and other disposable PPE that people have junked are having a negative impact on wildlife around the world.

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With those ends in mind, Project Hazel has a clear mouth covering and dual N95 filters. (Which, while capable of blocking droplets, are still under review by the WHO in regards to efficacy against preventing contraction of COVID-19. The CDC also notes that N95 respirators must be regularly fit tested to be effective.) The Project Hazel Masks also have “active ventilation” that Razer says is good for 95% bacterial filtration efficiency.

A slide showing the benefits of Razer Inc.'s new cyberpunk N95 mask


As for a price and the exact date the mask will come to market, details remain scant. The company’s CEO only said that the mask will drop early in the fourth quarter of this year. Regardless of the price, however, it’ll be interesting to see if Razer’s masks catch on. They’ll still produce running waste with their disposable filters, of course. And the same filters will also add up in cost over time. But then they do look cyberpunk AF, which, again, is apparently the theme humanity’s going for these days.

Featured Image: Razer 

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