RAISING DION Season 2 Trailer Shows Fun Suit and Super Friends

2022 is truly the year of Black superpowered kids taking over TV and film. Naomi is currently discovering her powers over on The CW. Marvel will introduce us to a live-action Riri “Ironheart” Williams (in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) and animated Lunella “Moon Girl” Lafayette. And then there’s Dion from Netflix’s Raising Dion. The story of a mom who discovers that her precious kid has incredible powers captured fans’ hearts back in October 2019. Dion not only came into his own but defeated a very, ahem, crooked man who was right under their nose. Now this mom-son duo and their growing band of associates return on February 1 to expand his story and uncover more mysteries. The Raising Dion season two trailer gives us a lot to love and digest, from a new hero outfit to a very hot superpower trainer. 

In case you forgot, season one ended with Dion defeating the Crooked Man. Also, his father sorta but not really being alive. It seems that Nicole and Dion are trying to parse through that classic balance of him living a regular life but also learning how to quietly control his powers. Well, that’s what Nicole wants anyway. Dion, on the other hand, now wears a makeshift costume and ready to take on the world.

His Biona trainer Tevin (played by How to Get Away with Murder’s Rome Flynn) helps Dion hone his skills. Can we trust Tevin? Who knows. We saw what his godfather was up to. Is Tevin very hot and athletic? Yes indeed. Nicole sees it too. Oh, and we noted some shady happenings within Biona, including plans to possibly experiment on people like Dion. We also meet Dion’s new school pal Griffin, a guy with his own set of powers. It sets the stage for a new antagonist to defeat. 

raising dion season two trailer still with dion and his new friend Tevin lying on the floor

It is quite exciting to see what’s coming next based on Raising Dion‘s trailer. In fact, no one is more excited than Outlier Society. Executive producers Michael B. Jordan and Liz Raposo released this statement about the growing Dion fandom: 

When we created Raising Dion Season 1, we knew we wanted it to be for everyone – adults, children, and adults who are still kids at heart. The audience response was beyond our wildest expectations and along with our cast, crew, and partners at Netflix and MACRO, we cannot wait to bring you Season 2.

Showrunner and Executive producer Carol Barbee also hints Nicole will face significant challenges in season two. 

Dion and his friends are growing up and so is our show. In Season 2, you’re going to get even more action, more mystery, more surprises, and yes, more powers. Nicole’s challenges escalate as she comes face to face with every parent’s worst nightmare. The stakes are higher than ever, and we’re so excited for fans to continue this journey with us.

Will Dion’s dad be alive? What will he face this season? Can everyone make it out alive? After watching the Raising Dion trailer, we can’t wait to see what goes down.

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