This Rainbow Zombie Make-Up Tutorial is Creepy and Wonderfully Colorful

Most zombie stories we hear are revolve around what would happen if the undead rose and caused havoc on Earth (as opposed to a different planet, because zombies are fantastical enough). But what would it be like if, say, the My Little Pony universe found itself with a zombie problem? The resulting walkers might look something like YouTube user Glam&Gore‘s new makeup tutorial, which she calls a Rainbow Neon Zombie.

The basis of this transformation lies in liquid latex and cotton, which create the basic contours of the face. As for the multicolored mouth area, that is brought to life thanks to what the video calls “FX gelatin.” Assuming you’re not familiar with the jargon, this video demonstrates how to make some of your own cheaply and easily. Once you get the stuff nice and melty, but not hot enough to burn your face off, you apply it to your upper lip and surrounding areas, then let it drip. You’ll quickly see the basic form start to take shape after that step.

The final step is applying your paint, and the stuff used for the mouth area is UV activated, which is important for that glowing look. Once you get everything painted, that’s it! We don’t know that much about this type of makeup work, but it does seem like this is a relatively simple application, so perhaps it’s a good place for aspiring movie makeup artists to start and learn firsthand about how the process works.

Would this make a killer Halloween costume, or have you seen something else that might do the trick instead? It’s never too late to start planning, so let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: Glam&Gore/YouTube

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