Please Enjoy Rachel Bloom’s Feminist Workplace Anthem “#LadyBoss”

By now, we hope you’re quite familiar with Rachel Bloom, the star and co-creator of the CW’s musical comedy  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Bloom’s work on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has brought a unique spin to the musical romantic comedy genre, by mixing lighthearted and funny songs like “Sexy Getting-Ready Song” and “Heavy Boobs” in with heavier stories of broken families, parental abandonment, and mental illness. In her show, Bloom manages to create stories and songs that can pull you in, make you laugh, while almost covertly making you mull over a much heavier, serious issue.

So it’s no wonder than when Vanity Fair wanted to commemorate their first Founders Fair to celebrate female entrepreneurs, that they approached Bloom to create the perfect feminist anthem for all of the women shaking things up in the boardroom. Check out Bloom’s hilarious (and oftentimes all too real) anthem for women fighting their way through the workplace, “#LadyBoss”:

Rachel Bloom manages to perfectly encapsulate the weird struggles women can oftentimes find themselves facing in the business world. This song covers it all. It takes on that awful tension between wanting people to think you’re nice to also not wanting to care if people think you’re nice because you’re a damn professional.  The difficult song and dance that is asking for a raise. And of course, the super helpful male employee who loves to butt in to situations he doesn’t belong with his super helpful–yet situationally irrelevant–opinion. Oh, and finally, the eternal thorn in a woman’s side: how much boob is too much boob?!


While all women certainly don’t face the exact same pressures and conflicts in their respective workplaces, “#LadyBoss” is a song that circles around all professional women and highlights a great number of the insecurities and fears we can often times struggle without minimizing them or portraying professional women as stupid or incapable. Yep, we women have all got our stuff to deal with, but we still are powerful, capable professionals, and are badass Lady Bosses. And now we’ve got a damn song to prove it.

What do you think of Rachel Bloom’s song? How do you help yourself and your colleagues feel empowered when things get tough in the workplace? Tell us in the comments!

Featured Image: The CW

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