Race Against the Gods And Actually Win in Divinity Derby

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Strap on your winged boots and keep your Phoenix lit, Divinity Derby now on Kickstarter gives you the reigns as a god controlling a race, placing bets, and making sure that the threads of fate come out the way you want. Morals keep an eye on one pony, pushing them toward the finish line, and reap a single reward. As a god of the pantheon, you need to take control of the whole race and maybe control your opponents. Divinity Derby gives you a race filled with mythological creatures and a little deduction as you figure out the motives of the other gods.

Divinity Derby comes from the brilliant mind of Carlo A. Rossi (Alchemist, Hab & Gut) and illustrated by Denis Martynets (Imperial Settlers, Behind the Throne). Three to six players take on the roles of gods controlling the fate of mythological creatures racing around the board. Players share movement cards with their neighbors, but place bets in secret. Cards illustrated with each of the six creatures will dictate how far they move on a turn. Not only which, but when a card a card is played determines how far your unicorn or dragon will go. Check out the video as we walk you through the game.

Once you work your way through a race, you’ll be betting with the best of gods. What really separates this board game from the pack is that bit of deduction that you need to win the game. It’s not about being first, but being right.

Every time you make a bet, you’re giving your opponents a bit of a tell. “Keep your eye on this one,” says every bet you throw down on the field. Players can follow or plan against you. You could then just wait until the third round of betting triggers, but will you be foiled by losing your cards to your neighbors or someone taking the last marker for the creature you want to be on? We haven’t even gotten into to race itself and already you’re gripping the edge of your chair to find out if you can hold out for that extra turn or two before it all comes back to you.

Much like the gryphon, the Pegasus, or a dragon; Divinity Derby is one of those rare creatures in board gaming that manages to become more than the sum of its tokens. The shared card system often pushes you to make moves sooner than you want or risk losing your card to your neighbor. There’s a delicate dance of how much you reveal and when while playing the game. You can completely play the game with the focus being on just your bets, but it will be the clever deity that plays the whole field as well as the other players huddled around the board. Why worry about your bets when you can simply ride on the coattails of others?

If you are interested to learn more about the game or simply want to start throwing money at it, simply head over to their Kickstarter page right now to learn more. Time’s running out so don’t wait or you might find yourself in last place.

Feature Image Credit: Ares Games

This is a sponsored post for Divinity Derby.

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