The Internet Nervously Watched a Raccoon Climb a Skyscraper

Cities aren’t designed for animals, very intentionally, but some species actually manage to fare pretty well in the urban jungles. Pigeons patrol the sidewalks just like the rest of us, rats can get their hands on pizza, and dogs have crosswalks and stop lights figured out. Now raccoons are starting to get used to city life, and as one raccoon in particular tried to figure it out, the world watched, terrified (via Bored Panda). Spoilers: the raccoon is now fine, don’t worry!

Yesterday, the St. Paul, Minnesota area was focused on a raccoon that found itself stuck on a tall office building, and as Minnesota Public Radio News reporter Tim Nelson speculated, it was “likely on an errant mission to raid pigeon nests on the skyway over 7th Street.” He also said the raccoon had been there for two days without food or water, which made it more concerning when it started scaling the side of a skyscraper and making its way to the top of the huge building.

There wasn’t much local animal control and authorities were able to do to help get the raccoon down as it climbed the building, for fear of spooking it and causing it to take a fatal fall. Fortunately, the raccoon eventually made its way to the top of the building, where it was trapped, fed, and brought somewhere safer for a raccoon than a skyscraper. Through its perilous journey, the raccoon earned itself some fans, but most important, it’s safe and sound now.

Is this your favorite raccoon now (with apologies to Rocket Raccoon)? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: Henrique Pinto/Flickr

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