Quiz Time! What Kind of Supernatural Hunter Are You?

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Being a hunter like Sam and Dean Winchester on Supernatural is an incredibly hard and thankless job, and no two hunters are alike. Of course there are loads of different methods of hunting: from the shoot first, ask questions later styles of hunters like Dean Winchester, the revenge-driven John Winchesters, the newbie hunters like Charlie, or the managerial, experienced hunters like Bobby. It takes all kinds to fully overcome the realm of the supernatural and protect mankind from crazy threats of the great beyond, and it’s time you know what kind of hunter you are.

This quiz will help you discover if you’re a hunter like Dean, Sam, John, Charlie, or Bobby. Think of this quiz as the Sorting Hat of hunters, except every class color is flannel. So enjoy the quiz and find out what style of hunter you are.

Were you surprised my your quiz results? Did you think the quiz got you wrong? Which hunter’s style are you most like? Which hunter do you wish you were more like? Tell us about it all in the comments!

Image credit: kmgsquidoo/ Flickr.com

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