Quentin Tarantino’s Next Movie May Be About the Manson Family

More even than dazzling ballistics and rhythmic dialogue, what most crucially defines  Quentin Tarantino’s identity as a filmmaker is his obsession with the most brutal corners of great Americana. Tarantino founded his career on stories about organized crime, evolving quickly to stories about the even crueler penal system. He’s treaded generously in gangster pictures, Western epics, and war dramas–none specific to stateside cinema, perhaps, but each a fundamental piece thereof. And right in step with this ideology is the next project he’s reportedly tackling: a Manson Family movie.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Tarantino’s ninth feature film will, in some yet unknown fashion, tackle the story of Charles Manson, his cult of brainwashed killers, and the victims of their reign through 1960s Southern California. The Hollywood Reporter suggests, as one of the few bits of tangible information yet permeating the rumor mill, that Manson Family casualty Sharon Tate–actress and wife of filmmaker Roman Polanski–will serve as a pronounced character in the film.


As far as casting goes, The Hollywood Reporter mentions that Brad Pitt has reportedly been approached for a part, as has Jennifer Lawrence, though which parts are yet undisclosed. Nerdist has reached out to The Weinstein Company, which has backed Tarantino’s last four films (GrindhouseInglourious BasterdsDjango Unchained, and The Hateful Eight) and is said to be involved with this latest endeavor as well, for confirmation of the news at hand.

With every announcement of a new Tarantino movie, fans no doubt endure a bit of anxiety. Tarantino himself has declared an intention to cap his career at 10 movies, which makes whatever film comes next–Mansion-related or otherwise–his penultimate project. On one hand, an examination of the darkness bubbling over the surface of late ’60s L.A. does sound perfect for Quentin’s oeuvre. On the other, let us know how you feel about Tarantino doing a Manson Family movie!

Image: Miramax

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