Bryan Fuller Would Love To Do a PUSHING DAISIES Musical

Does pie make anyone else think about Pushing Daisies? The series from Bryan Fuller wove emotional storytelling into fantastical realms with a huge helping of delicious-looking pastries from The Pie Hole. Ned the pie maker, portrayed by Lee Pace, was able to reanimate the dead with a touch, but once he revived someone, he couldn’t touch them again–which led to a unique relationship with the love of his life, Chuck ( Anna Friel). He brought her back to life, but they had to navigate the ins and outs of a partnership without touching. Oh, and they also solved homicides while doing this.

Yes, it’s every bit as delightful as it sounds, but it was unfortunately canceled after a two season run from 2007-2009 on ABC. But Fuller is committed to telling more of the story. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair in honor of the show’s 10th anniversary (via Vulture), he said he touches base with Warner Bros. every year to see if they’d be open to bringing the show back. He said he’d “love to see it return as a mini-series for Netflix, Apple, or Amazon, or whoever would pick it up.” And also? “I still would love to do Pushing Daisies as a Broadway musical.”

He’s been discussing the possibility of reviving Ned and Chuck in song and dance from since at least 2014. The idea then was putting the focus on Kristin Chenoweth‘s character, Olive Snook. She did burst into song in the series from time to time. But now, who knows? Fuller has someone in mind for the music. He told Vanity Fair, “I can just imagine Tim Minchin’s lyrics, can’t you?”

Minchin recently wrote the lyrics and music for the recent Groundhog Day musical, so I think he’s an excellent candidate.

If Pushing Daisies made a miraculous return, how would you like to see it come back? A limited event? A musical? An extended commercial? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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