Purina’s Large Dog Surfing Competition Is Nothing Short of Oceanic Joy

Has the election, the state of the world, or this new influx of malicious clowns gotten you down? I dig it. 2016 has been rough for all of us. After a year like this, we deserve some simple, unadulterated joy. So turn off the TV, forget about the nuttiness in the world for just a second, and I’d like to introduce you to something truly beautiful: dog surfing.

You’re welcome, world. Purina’s annual “Incredible Dog”competition highlights some of the amazing feats of athleticism and agility in some truly amazing doggos. The competition has a ton of adorably amazing events like dock diving and flying disc, but the most fantastic has got to be the large dog surfing competition.

Pure puppy joy is exactly what you’ll find watching a Yellow Lab named Haole and a Boxer named Hanzo face off in a surfing competition. Seriously, the video is adorable, and both pups work so hard to surf their best–Hanzo is so excited he spends the entire race barking.

Both dogs are a part of SoCal Surf Dogs, an actual group in Southern California for dogs and their humans to enjoy the sun and surf together. Coming from the owner of a old, grumpy chiweenie who lives in a landlocked state, I’d say knowing there is a group of dogs out in Southern California regularly engaging in competitive surfing really puts the latest trick I taught my dog in stark perspective (it was to “speak”, if you were curious). Regardless of my dog’s skills, I can’t think of anything as beautiful as a dog surf club.

Clearly, the time Hanzo and Haole have spent practicing their surfing skills paid off. The two puppers engage in an incredibly tight race for the first prize, but ultimately Hanzo’s performance pulls slightly ahead, putting the Boxer in first by one point. But really, I think we’re all the winners here, don’t you?

Before you can get worried that the competition needlessly endangers the competing pups, know that the entire event is meant to keep the dogs safe. Not only do the canines get to wear stylish puppy life jackets, but there are also lifeguards all around to rescue any dog that runs into trouble. Of course with talent like Haole and Hanzo, those lifeguards didn’t have much to occupy their time.

So go ahead, watch the video again. Maybe even bookmark it to watch on particularly (wait for it) ruff (I’m not even sorry) days. Dog surfing. It’s a good thing.

Have you watched the Purina Incredible Dog competition before? What’s your favorite event? What is a trick you’ve taught your dog that you’re proud of? Tell us in the comments!

Feature Image: Purina Pro Plan/ Youtube 

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