Get Misty Over This Short About a Puppy Training to Be a Guide Dog

Service dogs are a gift to us all, and in a gorgeous new short from Tongal you can fall in love with real life service-dog-in-training Pip, who is the inspiration behind this beautiful underdog story. Grab your tissues, because this true story is a tearjerker. The lovely film is a sweet and smart way to highlight how important guide dogs are, and also how good puppers are, and that we don’t deserve them at all.

Check out the audio description of the short film  here.The short showcases the trials and tribulations of a young puppy attempting to become a guide dog despite their very small—and cute—stature! The video was made to support Southeastern Guide Dogs facility and was even based on a real-life puppy who was born at the there in mid-September. That very dog, Pip, is currently undergoing training at their Palmetto, FL campus. If you want to you can follow her journey and support Pip along with her fellow trainees at’ve already fallen in love with Pip, both real and animated, and arehopeful that this video will bring more awareness to the amazing and vital work that organizations like the Southeastern Guide Dogs facility provide for vulnerable people.Have you fallen head over heels for Pip? Already heading over to to support all those good doggos right now? Or still just crying your eyes out over this inspiring little pup? Grab your fluffy best bud and head into the comments to let us know!

Images: Tongal

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