PUPPY BOWL 2018 Highlights Deserve a Round of Appaws

When I say the phrase Big Game, most of you probably think about the Super Bowl. And sure, that happened on Sunday, but so did the Otter Bowl, Kitten Bowl, and yes, the Puppy Bowl. Animal Planet aired the Puppy Bowl XIV, one of the most adorable games of them all. Very good pups ruff-housed, played, and napped while viewers at home melted into puddles inflicted by mega doses of cute. Rescue doggos on two teams, Team Ruff and Team Fluff, chased victory during the adoption event; the winners got the Lombarki Trophy.

The only possible referee for such an intense competition was a sloth. Yep.

It’s hard to imagine giving any of these precious puppies a penalty, so let’s enjoy the highlights from the howling good game. The very first touchdown (which happens when a dog gets a toy into the endzone):

The game day, revisited. That dog in the thumbnail is Mr. Wigglesworth. He won the Underdog award.

This face, everyone.

This ball is bigger than this pup’s head, but this dog has the heart of a champion.

I don’t think napping gets you bonus points, but it should.

And because I know you’re barking to meet all the doggie athletes, look at this line-up.

Team Fluff won the day, but really, no one lost.

What moments in the Puppy Bowl made you bark the loudest? Did your pup have a favorite competitor? Use your paws to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Images: Animal Planet, Giphy

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