These PUMA X THE FLASH RS-X Shoes Will Make You Want to Sprint

When you run at Mach 6 on a regular basis, you need really good footwear that doesn’t turn to ribbons after the first mile. Luckily, the Flash has such footwear, and it even matches his costume and logo design. Now, the folks at PUMA are releasing a version of Barry Allen’s running shoes for us regular, non-super-powered people. Say hello to The new PUMA x The Flash RS-X, featuring a design by the streetwear super heroes at BAIT. Inspired of course by “ The Fastest Man Alive” and his upcoming feature film. Yes, they’re not designed for running at the speed of sound, but they still look pretty darn cool.

New The Flash inspired shoes from PUMA, along with packaging.
PUMA/Warner Bros.

The must-have shoe is part of an expansive merchandise collection from Warner Bros./Discovery to celebrate the epic story of The Flash, hitting theaters everywhere on June 16. The new Flash-inspired shoes will retail for $120 a pair. You can check out images of the new PUMA x The Flash RS-X shoes right here.

In the pages of DC Comics, the Flash actually had custom-made shoes that looked very similar to these. Designed of course by the scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs. After all, his yellow boots aren’t really suitable for a morning jog around the planet. They were a 20th birthday gift to the Wally West version of the Flash by his friends the Teen Titans. This took place way back in 1987’s Flash #1. But we’re pretty sure that Wally’s uncle, Flash Barry Allen, has a similar pair of high-endurance shoes just like these. As cool as the shoes from the comics were, these real-life ones are that much cooler. Just don’t try to beat the Flash’s speed records while running in them.

The Flash (Wally West) receives custom running shoes for his birthday in 1987's Flash #1.
DC Comics

The new The Flash-inspired footwear will be available on June 14  at Foot Locker, Champs Sports,, and the PUMA NYC Flagship store.

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