Project Pixel will turn you into a Virtual Artist

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At the intersection of art classes and livestreaming, we introduce Project Pixel! Each week, host Mary Doodles leads a class of two amateur artists, trying to teach proper techniques that result in a unique, geek-friendly painting. The twist is, there’s no mess, because this art class doesn’t use canvas and paintbrushes, it uses Photoshop!

If you don’t already know Mary Doodles, well – you should. From water colors to digital effects, she’s a master of the brush and has an eye for more than just beauty. Head over to her YouTube channel to find her time lapse art, music videos, and educational videos that will help you with your own art. Get a taste of what’s in store for you for checking out one of her analogue (hand drawing) how-to videos.

Warm up your Photoshop and get ready to learn some new tricks. Project Pixel premieres this Friday at 6PM (PST) live on Alpha. If you haven’t signed up for Alpha already, head on over to get your 30 Day Free Trail right now. Your new artistic endeavor is only a few clicks away.

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