Privisa Is An Animated Film That Will Pierce Your Heart With Beauty

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For adventurous animation aficionados, 2016 has already been a tremendously cosmopolitan year. In addition to stellar titles from the usual suspects in America and Japan, we’ve also seen an eclectic variety of full-motion features sail from less typical ports. One excellent film came from Brazil, another came from France, and now here’s one from Poland. Blending traditional and contemporary techniques, Privisa is something of a “2.5D film;” employing all the flashy dimensionality computers enable while still keeping the gesture of classic linework. To get a very vivid idea of how this particular style plays, go on and peep this tantalizing teaser.

It’s quite pretty, but what about the story?

Set in a mythic vision of Europe’s past, Privisa delves into that timeless coming-of-age predicament at a number of stages. Wilkan, the shaggy moppet seen in the clip, is already anxious that his first ceremonial haircut is coming along. His anxiety doubles, though, when he learns that his grandfather, the master archer Stanimir, will soon be set out to pasture in a village ritual. Wilkan wants to keep his boyish locks, certainly, but he wants to keep his grampa around even more. His quest to save Stanimir from “retirement” is well-meaning, but traditions aren’t defied lightly, and the rescue effort winds up plunging his whole town in a far, far worse predicament.

Here are some spiffy character designs and concept art pieces to give you a better idea of how life works–and might stop working–in this ancient town of warriors.

No word yet on when you can find out how, or if, Wilkan and Stanimir get out of their jam. The release date isn’t set, so consider this a far-ahead vision of the future. If “someday” can’t come soon enough, though, you can follow the film’s unfolding developments on the work blog of its animation studio, Juice.

Has Privisa already enchanted you? Are you excited about any other international animated features coming down the pipeline? Sound off in the talkback! Fill it with suggestions!

Featured Image Credit: Juice

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